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Mellissae Lucia Oracle Of Initiation™ Workshops & Events

Painted In The Desert - The Movie

Painted in the Desert, a documentary film by MK Barr, delves into the lives of working artists offering an intimate view only an insider could access.

Following second-generation artist, and visionary photographer Mellissae Lucia in the wilds of the New Mexico desert, the movie also weaves in candid and fascinating interviews with the studio glass movement pioneers Mellissae grew up with including her father Dick Weiss. Learn how to survive and thrive with art as your day gig. See it summer 2012. See the trailer here and visit the Painted In The Desert blog here.

Melissae Lucia Rainbows In the Dark

It’s Here!

On the 6th anniversary of the commencement of the deck, Mellissae’s detailed book about the Oracle Deck, the Oracle of Initiation: Rainbows in the Dark has finally been released! 400 pages of powerful, insightful wisdom to navigate the shape-shifting and turbulent waters of initiatory awakening. Read more about it (and purchase your copy) here.


Art & The Oracle

Workshops with MelissaExplore Creative Shape-Shifting with Melissa Weiss Steele & The Oracle of Initiation
Tuesday, March 1st, 2011
6–9pm $50. All supplies included.

Come explore the powerful insights available through using art, imagination and divination. We will be working with the Painted Body ritualistic photography images within Melissa's original Oracle of Initiation deck to creatively dance with the many energies, inspirations and potentials we each carry when we access the full range of our fierce, shape-shifting abilities.
Held at The Art of You Expressive Arts Studio
3060 Adams Ave.
San Diego, CA 92116

Shape-Shift your Destiny in 2011 with The Oracle of Initiation
Introductory Lecture: Thursday March 3rd 2011 7–9pm $30.
Workshop: Saturday, March 5th 2011 1–5pm $75.

We each have the powerful ability to choose how we respond to these challenging times. Turbulence becomes a gift when we learn how to navigate and harness the fierce and fluid transformational energies Workshops with Melissacurrently available. The Oracle of Initiation divination deck by Melissa Weiss Steele is a magical and inspiring tool, illuminating the dynamic opportunities available through shape-shifting your own shadows and complexities.
   Learn how The Oracle can reveal where you are currently at in your own process of awakening; how to redefine previous struggles as the keys to your unique offerings; and where to focus your passions to bring forth these precious gifts to the collective.
Held at Controversial Bookstore
3063 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

Beyond Worlds: Your Tarot Tribe Radio Show
hosted by Donnaleigh de LaRose
Sunday March 6th 2011 7pm Eastern 4pm Pacific

Melissa will be interviewed about the creation of The Oracle if Initiation deck and share how to use this visionary new tool over the air. Host Donaleigh was inspired to created a video about using the Oracle of Initiation.

Land of Enchantment Tarot Symposium (L E T S)

Held Halloween Weekend 2010 in Santa Fe, NM or attend online!
Land Of Enchantment Tarot SymposiumLocal Tarot aficionados Carrie Paris, Margaret Letzkus & Robert Hahn have organized the first tarot symposium in the southwest and you are all invited!

L E T S will be held October 29, 30, & 31, 2010, in our sweet community of Santa Fe as well as available to our global tarot tribe as an online option. The cost is only $100 to attend in person, or $50 to view the presentation online! How cool is that?

L E T S is the first tarot conference in the southwest, and promises to deliver an exceptional divination ‘spirit’ over Samhain, Halloween, and Day of the Dead weekend. Our featured speaker will be Mary K. Greer who is a world-renowned authority on tarot and the author of numerous tarot books. Joining Mary via webcast will be Fern Mercier from New Zealand presenting her informative work on the Oracles of Ancient Greece & the Sybils. Other presenters include Melissa Weiss Steele of the Oracle of Initiation, Jordan Hoggard, author of The Mysterium Tarot, and many more.

L E T S activities will incorporate the timing of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) with the tarot by giving focus to one of the most charged cards in the deck; the Death card. Melissa Weiss Steele will discuss Dancing with Death Through The Oracle of Initiation.

This event is the first of its kind to be streamed live through a video webcast platform allowing participants the choice of attending in person or on-line. This is truly a gathering of the global tarot tribe! The L E T S Meetup site will also offer continuing live stream video classes to L E T S members with exciting instructors from across the globe throughout the year.

For additional information or to RSVP Please Visit LETSGOTAROT

Dancing With Death Through The Oracle of Initiation
Presented by Melissa Weiss Steele

This class is available for in person & online attendees.

Melissa Weiss-SteeleThe Oracle of Initiation is about embracing death; sacrificing what no longer serves us so we may be rebirthed through these gateways of transformation. The deck was created directly from artist Melissa Weiss Steele’s own initiatory quest after a major death in her life. The Oracle carries the authentic knowing of this descent, of one who has danced with death in the subterranean caves of metamorphosis; returning with visionary insights and wisdom for the tribe. Death is truly about what may be reborn from its ashes, and The Oracle is a deeply magical and inspiring guide for navigating the shape-shifting and complex landscapes of spiritual awakening.

In this hands-on workshop you will explore the shadows and dualities that have challenged your greatest potentials. You will have the opportunity to reinterpret your own initiatory deaths as passages of great power and expansion. Death feeds life; release creates openings; and surrender begets grace. Free your own fierce instinctual passion through The Oracle of Initiation’s inspiring journey of resurrection.

We will be divining with the first edition of this visionary new divinatory tool while the veils between the worlds are thinnest. Explore The Oracle of Initiation in the environment of its creation: the arroyos, canyons, caves and tunnels of the Southwest desert landscape. Experience the wild penetrating gaze of the Painted Body images within the deck, as if the ancient petroglyphs have emerged from the cave walls to sit council with you.

Special 8th Anniversary Collector Edition of Tarosophist International™ magazine

The Oracle is a cover girl! Marcus Katz of Tarot Professionals in England published the 8th Anniversary edition of “The Magazine of Tarosophy,” Tarosophist International magazine in three editions, each with its own unique cover featuring images from the Oracle Of Initiation deck (see below).

The magazine is the voice of the Tarot Professionals organization. Tarot Professionals was founded in 2008 by Marcus Katz, M.A., M.B.A., PhD Candidate (Western Esotericism, University of Exeter). He has been studying, reading and teaching Tarot for 30 years. Marcus is a dedicated advocate for professionalism, education and community connection in the Tarot and divinatory world.

His innovative Tarot Town website is an international online portal for connecting with other like-minded souls. His first Tarot book, Tarosophy, is scheduled to be published in 2010. The Tarot professionals website is at this link. You may order the Oracle magazines either as a download or printed online at this link. Join Tarot Town and take courses with Tarot Professionals. Marcus is great!



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