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Voted a Top 50 Essential Deck

The "Deluxe" Oracle of Initiation Divination Deck

Card 59. Expansion

NOTICE: Only 8 or less left! There is currently no release date for another set of deluxe cards, the Tarot-size is currently available.

The Deluxe, Limited Edition of 112 signed and numbered Oracle of Initiation deck comes with 66 full-color, luscious 4" x 6" heavy-weight glossy cards with rounded corners, a signed title card, and a golden velvet bag. Comes with a downloadable PDF (deluxe book sold separately).

You will need to email Lucia directly directly to see if any remain. Cost $125 US $165 Shipping is included in prices.

The "Tarot-size" Oracle of Initiation Divination Deck

The New Tarot-sized Editon. Your wonderful, nicely-priced 68 card Oracle of Initiation deck will come shrink-wrapped with a downloadable PDF (deluxe book sold separately) as the text with full-color images of the cards. This size is just right to shuffle and fit into your hands.

Mellissae's Tarot Size Printer Store

Please email Lucia for her to send you the PDF

400-Page "Full-size" Deluxe Companion Book

The book is 400-pages, 6" x 9" with a wealth of information on explaining the Oracle and the gifts within initiatory transformation. Please find out more and order at my Blurb page here:

Oracle of Initiation Deluxe Book at

 $29.95 (Shipping not included)

Note: For Fine Art Prints from the deck, please see my Fine Art Prints store page.

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