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Oracle of Initiation Indiegogo campaign
The Oracle of Initiation
Tarot-sized Edition

Fine Art Prints & Books
Fine Art Prints &

Melissae Lucia Rainbows In the Dark

400 page, full sized, companion book.
An in depth exploration of the Oracle and its creation.

The Oracle of Initiation's ancient cross-cultural guardians light the way to our rainbows in the dark, the paradox of our greatest gifts hidden within our shadows.   

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Images from The Oracle Of Initiation Divination Deck

"While the tarot is often described as the soul’s journey, the Oracle of Initiation,
on the other hand, offers a journey of the Spirit. The images are haunting,
spellbinding, intoxicating, instinctual. Although seemingly personal, they touch
both the ancient and universal in each of us. They are an eloquent reminder that
the earth is Spirit-embodied and we are one with it."
Mary K. Greer-21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card

"Mellissae Lucia's amazing Oracle of Initiation is one of a tiny handful of decks
I keep in my bedroom, for late night inspiration."
Rachel Pollack-The Shinning Tribe Tarot

“Are they fossils?”
Ariel, age 7

“The Oracle of Initiation's lure as a divination tool is undeniable, yet it’s the
authenticity and wisdom of the feminine intuitive spirituality that deeply
touches us all.”
Maria Yraceburu-Legends and Prophesies of the Quero Apache

“This deck is a work of love, wisdom, and beauty. It will take its place among
the many lights that guide us on the road to spiritual growth.”
Luisah Teish-Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and
       Practical Rituals
Carrie Paris Mandala The Oracle offers experienced guidance in claiming the beauty in spiritual transformation.

The Oracle deck emerged directly from artist Mellissae Lucia’s own resurrection after the death of her husband. The profound dissolution, despair, and renewal she experienced led her to create the ritualistic Painted Body photography series for the deck.

All of the images in The Painted Body series were taken alone, by the artist herself, in the ancient desert landscape of arroyos, canyons, caves, and tunnels surrounding Santa Fe, New Mexico. In her work, the camera is held at arm's length, making it a literal extension of her body. At the moment of creation, it is both a part of the art, and of the artist as well. None of the images in The Painted Body series are altered or retouched in any way.

Each image captures the spirit of a ceremonial moment, as if stepping into a dream; opening us to worlds of myth, magic, and allegory. The compelling intensity of the photographs reawakens ancient senses, enchanting us with a poetic and archetypal power.
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