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Adventures - September 2015

Oracle of Initiation/Painted Body Series Fine-Art Prints

Card 4. Instinct     Card 11. Embarking     Card 15. Discovery     Card 20. Revealing     Card 27. Gathering     Card 29. Resonance     Card 40. Conduit

Card 42. Conviction      Card 42. Reclaim     Card 47. Centered     Card 48. Sovereign     Card 59. Expansion     Card 62. Integration     Card 64. Sanctified

Archival Pigment Painted Body Prints

I have chosen to print my Painted Body Series in the high-quality, Archival Pigment Print method, also know as Giclees. This choice is reflected in the costs of the prints, and I offer terrific discounts when ordering multiple prints so please contact me about pricing. The images really look great in sets of two or three! The highly saturated images on watercolor paper can last up to 200 years with proper acid-0free framing and matting, protective glass and appropriate lighting and humidity conditions.

Open Edition Painted Body Prints

8"x10" Painted Body signed, Archival Pigment Prints on thick, fine-art, watercolor paper, packaged in an acid-free, display-ready black mat with backing and clear plastic bag. These are open edition prints, meaning they do not have a limited print run.

Limited Edition Painted Body Prints

Painted Body Limited Edition of 25 prints and 4 artists proofs, signed, and Archival Pigment produced. Archival Pigments Prints are rich, highly saturated reproductions on high-quality, fine-art paper. The Painted Body series is so delicious in this size, and the 15" x 20" is a real sweet spot with a harmony and presence that is magnetic. Shipping outside of the USA will be determined and added to the cost after purchase.

Card 59. Expansion           

Art Books

Please see my main page for more information about this book here.

Earthen Body Book by Mellissae Lucia

Wendy Mulhern's "Infinite Permission" Poetry Book

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